Eva Rawposa

We humans are WHOLE PEOPLE.

The idea of “having it all”? That’s REAL, it’s attainable, and your desires are absolutely your birthright. So whatever YOUR all is, that’s what success looks like.

You simply can’t permanently sacrifice parts of yourself to build a business. It’s not sustainable, and even more, in my experience it’s actually even bad for business too!

So if a business consultant doesn’t look at your lifestyle, your energy, the heart behind the strategies, AND your reasons for (and ways of) being, your successes will be as one-dimensional as the consulting.

I believe in business that doesn’t sacrifice life, and life that doesn’t sacrifice business. Gaining weight, pushing past your limits, weakening relationships, feeling exhausted and burning the midnight oil, NONE of that is necessary to grow a successful business.

You’re here because you wanna feel like a success in ALL parts of your life, and I’m here because I want to help. :-) YES, you’ll have some challenges, but it can also be easier than you ever imagined possible.


✦ BUSINESS | Part Business Consultant ✦

With a specialty in simplification. Let’s turn a $%#* of a project into a JOY!

✦ LIFESTYLE | Part Lifestyle Coach ✦

Think: food but not dieting, the self-care formula to will keep you sane as you bust through your limits, creating a lifestyle that feels good to LIVE

✦ ENERGY | Part Energy Multiplier ✦

We’ll uncover your energy drains, and pour ’em INTO the drain!

✦ ALCHEMY | And… Part Glenda the Good Witch. ✦

Or so it seems. When we work together, things become so simple, obvious, and easy, that it’s almost like I’m telling you to click your heels three times. And that’s part of the magic. :-)

The Official Bio:

Éva Rawposa is a business, lifestyle, and energy consultant primarily serving online food and wellness coaches with part-time businesses. She has led hundreds of women through raw food teacher trainings, along with tens of thousands of readers of her popular recipes and challenges at Uncooking101. [website | fan page]

Prior to launching her own businesses, Éva’s professional career included general shop manager at the global beauty brand “The Body Shop”, teacher for the Department of Education, and as the Director of Marketing and Development for a national continuing education company.

By 2009, Éva’s side business commanded so much of her time and passion, that she took the plunge to make it her “real gig”. As a homeschooling momma and adventurer, however, she designs the business to fit seamlessly into her life. The result? Rather than feeling like a 40+ hour J-O-B, life and business continue to be a J-O-Y instead!

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