Full Moon Celebration & Clearing Ritual

An image of a full moon night AH, full moons. They may seem to be crazy making (the energy is super intense – at the height of the month – at the full moon!).

It’s just: nature! Each month as women, and in nature, there are cycles of release and rebuilding. It’s a beautiful thing. Just like the time of menstruation, the full moon is a beautiful time to soak more in the bath, to up self-care a few notches, and to be gentle with ourselves. [Side Note: Menstrual cycles tend to fall in line with the new moon or the full moon; pay attention to see when you get yours and how it matches up…!]

Full Moon energy is good for

✦ releasing old thought patterns
✦ closure on a relationship that has waned
✦ cleaning!
✦ tightening energy gaps (aka tightening loose ends)
✦ celebrating completion
✦ rocking out with almost-done projects
✦ being extra patient and gentle with yourself
✦ laughing at the crazies in life! (HA! but seriously…!)

Full Moon Ritual


Full-Moon-RITUAL✦ 1 bowl, filled halfway with water
✦ Candle with candle holder or bowl
✦ Lighter or matches
✦ Filtered water
✦ Sea salt
✦ Pen and paper/journal
✦ [optional] sage
✦ [optional] crystals, especially those like black tourmaline, clear quartz, selenite or others well suited for clearing energy


  1. Declutter the space you’ll use, making sure it feels clean and clear.
  2. If you have a bundle of sage to burn, “smudge” by burning the sage with the clear intention of transmuting dark energy into healing energy.
  3. If you have any crystals or other sacred items you’d like to be present to bless the space, place them intentionally.
  4. Fill a bowl halfway with filtered water, and add some salt by hand, intending that you’re purifying the water.
  5. Light your candle, intending again to bless the space and the ritual.
  6. Center yourself by taking a few cleansing breaths. Breathe deeply with the intention that you’re breathing in peace and breathing out sighs of relief. Let ‘em be loud and dramatic to really release the energy!
  7. Sit with gratitude for those things that have been completed, resolved, or brought forward to share or release. You may wish to speak them aloud while (safely!) holding your hands to your heart or open wide in gratitude.
  8. Write out those things you’re ready to release, that you know no longer serve you. This can include situations, habits, beliefs, or anything else you’re willing to release from your life.
    [Love Note: You can alternatively choose a single thing to release.]
  9. Sign and date the paper, then declare aloud, “I release this from my life! And it is so!”
  10. Light the edge of your paper with the candle, holding the paper over your water bowl so that the ashes fall into the bowl. Imagine that the fire is aiding you in the release of whatever you’re ready to release.
    [Love Note: Pay attention to the way your paper burns. Is it burning slow as all get out? Hmmm… you may be resisting the release. Is the energy more like “burn baby burn!”? Seems that you’re ready to release. BOOM!]
  11. Place your hands in the water to signify the full release.

And it is so!

Special thanks to the lovely Rebecca Kane, whose full moon ritual in her Dream Wild program inspired several parts of my own!